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Two Lethal Lies


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Like A Knife

They say she has a death wish.
Now, someone wants to grant it.

Critics call them provocative. Protestors call them obscene. But photographer Gillian Gray aims her macabre self-portraits at an audience of one—the faceless brute who murdered her mother. Their meaning is clear: "Come and get me."

And someoneís getting the message. Dead bodies start turning up, posed to mimic Gillianís photos. Against her will, Gillian is guarded by tough ex-cop Ray Pearce, a man whose commitment to the job is as strong as his belief that Gillianís in real danger. Yet his protection may not be enough to stop a vicious madman from creating his next masterpiece: a portrait of the artist as a young corpse.

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ISBN-10: 044661632X
ISBN-13: 978-0446616324
Warner Forever
March 2007

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