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BLIND CURVE wins the Holt Medallion Award for best romantic suspense novel of 2005!

Bullets are whizzing around him, but he can't shoot back. In the middle of a weapons bust, undercover cop Danny Sinofsky suddenly goes blind. Now this man who has always looked out for himself can't cross a room without the help of his rehab instructor, Martha Crowe. Furious and frustrated, he'd almost rather die than live this way—and someone is more than willing to grant him his wish.

Hiding her emotions behind a calm, practical facade, Martha is sure Danny doesn't remember her, the plain girl from high school who had a crush on him. When she witnesses an attack on his life, the two are thrown into a safe house, and this man without sight starts to see deep inside the soul of a courageous, passionate woman. Their very lives will depend on their fragile connection . . . and their ability to combine Danny's razor-sharp instincts with Martha's eyes and move as one. Because an enemy is stalking them, forcing them to go on the run, and moving in closer and closer for the kill.

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ISBN 0446613584
Warner Books
February 2005

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