Hi Everyone!
    Fall is well underway and I hope the change of seasons has been good to you. I had the privilege of seeing two autumns this year. The first was over New Jersey as I flew into Newark for the Put Your Heart in a Book Conference. The view from the air was spectacular—a thick blanket of deep gold, startling red, rusty orange, and everything in between. A month later fall came to Nashville, and it turned the hills around the city into a lovely, warm quilt of color.

    The Liar’s Club
    As you know, my latest, Two Lethal Lies, is out and I’ve received some wonderful emails from readers who enjoyed the book. Thanks to all who got in touch to tell me so. And let me say publically to one of them: sorry about the nightmare!! Don’t forget to stop by my website and check out the behind-the-scenes stuff. It includes videos, deleted scenes, and research background I found fascinating enough to share.

    Comings and Goings
    In October I attended a wonderful party on a friend’s farm—always an exotic event for this city girl. Here I am on a tractor, just to prove I was there.

    The New Jersey Conference was fabulous—a great event for aspiring writers in the area. Here’s me at my workshop, pretending to know how to plot a book, and later at the literacy signing.

    Getting Crafty
    In September, a friend’s daughter had a baby, and I had a great time knitting this cute bunny rabbit for her!

    The pattern is free from Lion Brand and it was easy, quick, and fun to do.

    On the Nightstand
    I’m on a discovery kick, and am reading new authors—not new new, but new to me. I just finished Sharon Shala’s The Return, and found it fun to experience a different kind of romantic suspense. I also read Trish Milburn’s The Family Man, which was great, and Leanne Banks’ most recent Silhouette Desire, which I also enjoyed. Next up is Robin Carr’s Virgin River, part of her popular series.

    TV Watch
    Fall means a whole lot of new shows, and I’ve added Hawaii Five-O with its lineup of hunks and beauts to my viewing list, along with a quirky show called Terriers. I’m not usually a zombie fan, but I tried out The Walking Dead and so far found the series gripping. I’m excited about the return of some of my faves, like NCIS and Bones (although I am NOT happy to see Booth hooking up with someone else). Burn Notice just started up again (yay!) and I’m looking forward to new eps of The Closer, but was sad to see Mad Men go. Is Don Draper losing his mind?

    Happy Turkey Day
    As I write this, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I hope yours is filled with stuffing (or dressing as the case may be) cranberries, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, and somewhere along the way, time for a good book.


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