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Two Lethal Lies


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A Daring Woman

Angelina Mercer is Federal Agent Finn Carver’s last, best hope. The hunt for a dangerous weapon has led him to her door with a proposition that could be her salvation or destruction. It’s her one shot at turning around a life gone wrong...and her best chance to learn the truth about the birth mother she’s been searching for. In exchange she must infiltrate the inner sanctum of a tycoon’s Montana ranch, where she will walk a treacherous line between deception and discovery.

A Dangerous Man
The only person Angelina can trust during the mission is Finn, the stranger who has put her at risk. Haunted by his past, he never gives in to tender emotions. But Angelina is much more than he’d bargained for—brave and vulnerable, defiant and giving.

A Deadly Mission
As their lives turn into a waking nightmare, they must watch their every step. Because one false move could mean the end of their growing love...and certain death.

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ISBN 0446612294
Warner Books
October 2003

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