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Two Lethal Lies


Book List

One Deadly Sin

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Like A Knife

The good guys and the bad guys have one thing in common.
They all want Margo Scott dead.

A month ago, she was a book dealer surrounded by family and friends. Now, suddenly, she can't remember the last four weeks of her life and everyone close to her has disappeared. Worst of all, she's the prime suspect in a murder she has no memory of committing, and she's being hunted from every direction.

Undercover agent Jake Wise has his suspect in sight and is ready to take her out—but something is keeping him from pulling the trigger. Is he tempted to protect Margo because she's innocent—or because he's falling for her? And if he's falling, what happens when he hits bottom? Nothing adds up and danger is closing in. But Jake is about to take the chance of a lifetime to save Margo—and if she's the assassin they say she is, it may be the last chance he ever takes.

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ISBN 0446616311
Warner Forever
April 2006

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