Annie Solomon
Annie Solomon

April 2006
Itís Time For A BLACKOUT

April is an exciting time of year. In Nashville, my favorite trees—redbuds—are blooming, and if you live in the Washington DC area, so are the cherry trees. Which is what first clues Margo Scott, the heroine of April's new romantic suspense, BLACKOUT, that something is terribly wrong.

Not to mention the murder sheís accused of committing—of a man she doesnít know. Or the attacks on her life—for reasons she doesnít know.

In fact, Margo doesnít know much. Not who or what she is. The search to find out becomes a difficult, dangerous journey. And when itís over, sheís terrified she may not like what she finds.

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Romantic Times Top Pick!
"...hooks you from the first page and never letís you go."

Publisherís Weekly
" enticing read...twisty and diverting with well-written action sequences and a winning lead."

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Chat About It - The 5th at 9

Stop by Wednesday night, April 5 at 9 pm EST (8 central) when Iíll be talking about BLACKOUT, writing, knitting, or anything else you want to talk about.

Win It

Iíve got an exciting contest lined up this month for the release of BLACKOUT. Three people will win yummy blackout cakes. All chocolate with thick, fudgy chocolate glaze. These goodies will wipe out your memory of all other chocolate cakes. Sign up at

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April 2006
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